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Portfolio - Editorial

Boy's Life Cover  |  2011

Client: Boy's Life Magazine

December 2011cover for the popular scouting magazine.

Lighthouse  |  2006

Client: Liahona

the beam from a lighthouse guides ships to safety.

Rooster  |  2000

Client: This People

fiction piece about a wayward rooster

Midnight Ambush  |  2005

Client: Boy's Life Magazine

Fiction story set during the Revolutionary War

The Boy Who Hunted Grasshoppers 3  |  2010

Client: Boy's Life Magazine

Spot for fiction piece where a young Crazy Horse shoots a coin in mid air with an arrow.

The Boy Who Hunted Grasshoppers 2  |  2010

Client: Boy's life Magazine

Spot for fiction piece on Crazy Horse as a young man.

Rites of Autumn  |  2010

Client: Boy's life Magazine

For a fiction story about football and racial integration in the 1960's

Parade Cover  |  2010

Client: Friend Magazine

40th Anniversary of the Friend magazine cover

Grandpa's Tractor  |  2008

Client: Friend Magazine

A young boy must save his Grandpa after a farming accident

Not So Cool  |  2008

Client: New Era Magazine

Story of a snowball fight during a Boy Scout food drive.