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Portfolio - Advertising

Angler Fish Goes Green  |  2011

Client: Self

A recent promotional piece. One of a series of self generated pieces depicting imaginary fish.

Wilson's Tomato Package  |  2006

Client: Wilson's Produce

Clamshell packaging design for tomato grower

Thumbs Up  |  2010

Client: Integrated Marketing Group

Advertisement for the clients branding services in trade magazines

Cat-Fish  |  2009

Client: Self

Self Promo Piece

Dog-Fish  |  2010

Client: Self

Self Promo Piece

Salt Lake City  |  2008

Client: American Express

The client wanted cityscapes of major cities painted by artists who lived there. I got to paint my home town.

Ghost of the Bayou  |  2007

Client: Hogle Zoo

AWARD: Society of Illustrators

Painting used as a street banner, ad and poster to promote the summer's white alligator exhibit.

Asian Cats  |  2007

Client: Hogle Zoo

Painting used as a poster and to advertise the new Asian Highlands exhibit.

Zootopia  |  2007

Client: Hogle Zoo

AWARD: Communication Arts

Painting used for advertising, posters and merchandising.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde  |  2003

Client: Pioneer Theatre Company

AWARD: Society of Illustrators

One of a series of paintings for the the theater's entire season campaign.